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The benefits of hemp tea

Hemp tea effect on the human body occurs through special receptors called the endocannabinoid system.

The endocannabinoid system is the internal nervous system that originates in the brain, and its receptors are present in many organs and vital systems of the body.

Research has shown that this system is critical to the body's ongoing functioning and strongly influences a wide range of biological and chemical processes..

Regular tea ceremonies help to positively influence such internal processes as: nerve conduction, neurogenesis, insulin control, immune system control, motor skills, appetite, mood and memory.

5 reasons to drink hemp tea

1. Promotes Weight Loss
Hemp tea has anorexigenic effect, which reduces appetite, leading to reduced food intake.

2. Improves mood and tones
Due to its low CBD content, hemp tea has an anxiolytic effect (relieves anxiety). Helps Fight Depression and Anxiety.

3. Protects the nervous system from degeneration
Studies have shown that CBD compounds in tea have neuroprotective properties.

4. Good for the heart
Hemp tea has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties and therefore may help fight heart disease.

5. Promotes sound sleep
Acts as an adaptogen - general relaxation and blood pressure lowering.

Method of use

  • Pour a tablespoon of the product 5 grams into a 0.5 liter teapot.
  • Pour hot water at temperature (60-80 ° C)
  • Add a lump of butter or a couple of drops of hemp or coconut oil to the teapot.
  • Insist the drink for 7-10 minutes. (the longer the stronger the drink)
  • Enjoy ☺